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Interview with Lee Hammond Lee Hammond - Hard at work at Argos

Lee, how long have you been with the Project?

Since October 2003, when I started at Boots on a placement. I worked in the warehouse for a year and I needed evidence as I was doing a NVQ level 1 in retail. I filled up the shelves in the warehouse, took stock onto the shop floor and made sure the warehouse was tidy.

At Xmas I got paid work for 3 months.

In Sept 2004 I started a NVQ in business and admin at college. I needed to gain evidence. Glynis set up an admin placement in the Management Suite at Meadowhall. I worked on data-input, filling, photocopying, laminating and shredding etc. I did this until July 05.

In October last year Glynis got me an interview at Argos and I got an Xmas job working in their warehouse, it was really busy and I really enjoyed it. Annette my HR manager was very pleased with my work. Annette kept me on until the end of Jan 06.

I needed a placement again for college as I had started NVQ retail Level 2 on September 05. Glynis asked Argos if I could have a placement there and they said yes. I have been going in every Thursday since mid January. I do warehouse work and I work on the tills with support. I really enjoy it.

Do you still have support?

I have support from the staff at Argos. But if I need extra support, I can always call the Project.

Glynis always says if I need help or have a problem, she is only a phone call away.

Which placement have you enjoyed the most?

I have enjoyed all my placements, because each one has been very different. Each environment has had different personalities and my job roll in each has been very different in each. Boots gave me confidence in my own ability and getting paid Xmas work there was really good. Being in Argos has increased my confidence further and made me believe I can do things. I am enjoying Argos because it is challenging and demanding, it has made me more determined to make a success of retail.

What are you hoping to do when you have finished college?

I want to work in retail. I would eventually like to work my way up to a supervisor or section manager. I know it is too early to decide. But I have plenty of time, as Iím only 19.

What do you think you have gained from being with the project?

I have gained a lot from being on the project. I have matured and grown in confidence. My communication skills have improved and I find it easier to talk to people. I have learned lots about office work and retail e.g. warehouse work and customer service.

Would you recommend the Project to other people like yourself?

I would tell them to give the Project a go. I would tell them what I have gained from being with the Project.

I would tell them not to be afraid of trying something new. They won't be on their own, they will have support and other students like me have been and done it and made a success of it.

Itís been good for me!

Argos comments:

Lee Hammond has been on a placement at Argos since January. The difference in his confidence is overwhelming. The learning response has revitalised everyoneís enthusiasm seeing such an advance in an individuals learning.