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Are you looking for reliable, punctual & hardworking staff?

“Tom’s work on the malls is always to a high standard and thorough. If he comes across a problem he will note it down and discuss it with his supervisors and has made suggestions on ways to resolve these issues.”

“Tom has become a very valuable member of staff.”

Mark Alison — Cleaning Manager  
Meadowhall Centre

David at Work


“David is a very pleasant young man. Undoubtedly his greatest strength is his enthusiasm.”
Gary Wright — Building Manager   
Meadowhall Centre

The Supported Employment Programme is a local charity. Our aim is to find paid full and part time employment and work experience for young adults with autism in the many retail stores and catering outlets within Meadowhall and to prepare and support these young people during their employment. This is a unique project within Meadowhall Centre and there is nothing like it for young adults with autism anywhere else in the country.

We Offer

Support to the young adults for as long as it is needed. This means we will work with them until the employer, the young person and the project manager feel confident. Only then will support be phased out.

We will speak to staff at team meetings explaining what autism is, how it effects the young adult they will be working alongside and what are the best strategies to help that young person cope.

There is regular communication and feedback between the employer and the project manager Being based within Meadowhall means that should a problem arise, the project manager can be there in a matter of minutes.

What is Autism?

Until 1943, Autism was relatively unknown. Yet autistic spectrum disorders are estimated to effect the lives of over 5.000.000 families in the UK.

It is a lifelong disability, which effects the way a person communicates and relates to the world around them. Everyone with this condition shares the difficulty of making sense of the world around them.

What are the characteristics of autism?

In addition to this, repetitive behaviour patterns and resistance to change in routine are often seen as a characteristics.

Are all people with autism alike?

Just like you and I, no two people with autism are the same. They may to a greater or lesser degree exhibit the characteristics of autism.

For example:
One person may have problems with communication, but have little problems in the area of change.

What can we offer you?

Our young people will:

What can you offer our young people?

If you are an employer who would be interested in employing one of our young people, please CLICK HERE to email the project, or call Glynis Beck on 0114 263 5635 or 07792 370 485.

Our current employers include: