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Supported by the National Lottery The Supported Employment Project (SEP)

The Supported Employment Project at Meadowhall was set up in April 2003 due to the overwhelming need to improve the employment prospects for adults with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Research has shown that, on average, only 6% of all working age adults with an ASD have full-time paid employment and only 12% of those with high functioning autism have paid jobs.1

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These figures are way below the national average for people with disabilities in general (49%).

Our work in The Integrated Resource at King Ecgbert School is to prepare pupils with an ASD to achieve their full potential in life. We soon realised that to send our pupils into a 90% chance of unemployment was unacceptable. We believe that there are two main reasons for this apparent discrimination:

  1. Lack of knowledge and understanding on the part of employers.
  2. Lack of support for people with autism who want to find paid employment.

We have attempted to tackle both of these challenges by setting up the Supported Employment Project at Meadowhall to help not only our pupils from The Resource, but all young people with ASD's to gain long-term and fulfilling paid employment.

We have employed two full time members of staff, Glynis, the Employment Support Manager and Emma, the Employment Support Coordinator. This means we can offer skilled support to people with autism who want to find paid employment, and can support employers to gain a greater understanding of the individual person and their strengths. Any areas that need to be developed can be worked on together. Knowledge and experience can be shared for the benefit of all involved.

The world knows very little about autism. The young people on this project become the teachers of tomorrow.


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